International Order of Freemasonry for Men & Women 


Australian Federation

May 2017: International Convention appoints a new Australian Grand Commander

Nine members of the Australian Federation journeyed to the International Convention held in Paris, in May 2017. This convention was a wonderful opportunity on many levels. Delegates from all over the globe debated and resolved the future of the Order. Four Australian Sisters and one Brother were honoured with elevation to the Thirty Third and last degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. 

​Such an international assembly of Freemasons attests to the great diversity and inclusivity of the membership of LE DROIT HUMAIN, and the great harmony among many cultures, religions, philosophies and mmethods of Masonic work. The convention was closed in Peace, Love and Harmony.

The International Convention also saw the retirement of the former Grand Commander T.V.Ill.Sis Laura Ealey 33° who is commended for her strength and wisdom in guiding the Federation over the past five years and the election of T.V.Ill.Bro. Richard Thomas 33° as the incomming Grand Commander.

Brother Thomas is deeply inspired by the progressive nature of the Order which promulgates ancient wisdom for the modern world. In reflecting on his experience of the Order, he says "LE DROIT HUMAIN possesses a unique compliment of spirituality and humanism, much needed in the world today; without dogma, or interference with one's own beliefs; Freemasonry for Men and Women provides a wonderful pathway for self-realisation, building of true community and service to a greater cause".   

Freemasonry for Men and Women is open to and inclusive of people from all walks of life, and our Lodges are places of sanctuary, reflection and harmony in a tumultuous world. 
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"Freemasonry for Men & Women professes no dogma and retains strict independence from other traditions; thus fostering the greatest freedom of conscience for its members, creating a space of in its Lodges for diversity, inclusion and tolerance" International Constitution 2012

T.V.Ill.Bro. Richard Thomas 33° 
Grand Commander of the Australian Federation and 
Representative of the Supreme
Most people go through life unconscious of the fact they are builders. Each thought, word and deed has a constructive capacity. The beauty, utility and worth of the Edifice we each build, is contingent upon the care we take each day, in the action of the mind, the heart and the hands
Once an individual becomes more aware of the part they play in directing and governing their lives, the greater their positive impact on humanity becomes.