International Order of Freemasonry for Men & Women 


Australian Federation


August 2017: Liberal or Adogmatic Freemasonry

A unique feature of LE DROIT HUMAIN is the adogmatic principle on which it is founded.

Our Masonic Order was established with the greatest freedom of conscience and liberty of action of its members in mind. Freemasonry offers a symbolic path for people from all walks of life to follow. Members remain at all times, free to walk this path, interpret its symbols as they see fit or retire from it.

Though Lodges will adopt a method of work that satisfies the particular needs of its members, Freemasons of Le Droit Humain come from diverse backgrounds. Some describe themselves as religious in the traditional sense, some spiritual, others agnostic; and indeed, they may express no particular belief at all but still hold a humanist or philosophic viewpoint. Our founders realised that Freemasonry can function independently of other traditions and simply requires mutual respect and cooperation, not necessarily a shared belief system.

The traditional form of Freemasonry widely practiced in our Federation does contain traditional Masonic elements and symbols, which create a spiritual vibe to our meetings, but it cannot be said that this would be exclusive of people who walk an alternate path in life; for the lessons of Freemasonry, may be viewed with any lens. They are positive, life affirming and humanistic at their core. They transcend divisions of age, gender, race and belief that prevail in the world. What Freemasonry has to offer, remains available to any adult who would sincerely commit themselves to such a path of self-discovery and service to others.
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"Freemasonry for Men & Women professes no dogma and retains strict independence from other traditions; thus fostering the greatest freedom of conscience for its members, creating a space of in its Lodges for diversity, inclusion and tolerance" International Constitution 2012

T.V.Ill.Bro. Richard Thomas 33° 
Grand Commander of the Australian Federation and 
Representative of the Supreme

Most people go through life unconscious of the fact they too are builders. Each thought, word and deed has a constructive capacity. The beauty, utility and worth of the Edifice we each build, is contingent upon the care we take each day, in the action of the mind, the heart and the hands.

Once an individual becomes more aware of the part they play in directing and governing their lives, the greater their positive impact on humanity becomes.